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„To know what one knows and to know what one does,
that is true knowledge.“



Peter Rieckborn
born 1955

Graduate in wholesale and international trade. Law studies, University of Hamburg.
Management experience:

Silva Lebensmittelwerke GmbH, Managing Director starting 1989,
Heidelberg, Germany

General Manager in Tianjin, China, for Raspe & Paschen AG, Hamburg,
5 years continuous residence in China

H. & E. Reinert Group, Managing Director in Neuenkirchen-Vörden,
and in Versmold, Germany, as well as in Brasov, Romania

Abbelen GmbH & Co. KG, Director of Sales & Marketing 
Tönnisvorst, Germany

International Director, Tillmans Convenience GmbH,
Rheda-Wiedenrück, Germany (Tönnies Group)

Inter Agro, Independent Management Consultant

International food industry project management: M & A, greenfield projects, trade, production and export:

Start-up, development and management of a US sales organisation with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois

Start-up, development and management of a UK sales office in High Wycombe, England

Joint venture in Kiskunmajsa, Hungary (6 months negotiations)

Purchase of a production plant for dried vegetables in Laon, France (merger)

Establishment of a freeze-drying production plant in Nazaré, Portugal (acquisition)

Establishment, development and management of a joint venture for the production of natural casings in Tianjin, China (greenfield project)

Construction of a new production facility for meat and sausage products in Romania (greenfield project)

Takeover of a commercial trade agency in Rouen, France (acquisition)

Inter Agro Projects since 2013:

European market expansion: Non-food enterprise, Switzerland

Export support: Meat processing, Romania

Export support: Poultry processing, Poland

Export support: Meat processing, Germany

Market entry China: Meat processing, Germany

Market entry China: Spice industry, Germany

Market expansion in Europe and China: Plant engineering for meat and poultry processing, Denmark

Market entry China: Meat and convenience products, Switzerland

Special projects consulting: Major Agro-Industrial-Group, China



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